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    1. State scientific centre of coloproctology (Moscow, Russian Federation)

    Keywords:idiopathic megacolon,idiopathic megarectum,longitudinal proctoplasty

    Abstract:The study focuses on surgical treatment of idiopathic megacolon and megarectum. Methods: 36 patients (18-78 years, 20 male) were operated in 2004-2014. 25 (69.4 %) patients had idiopathic megacolon. 11 (30.6 %) patients had idiopathic megarectum with or without megacolon. The choice of surgical procedure depended on extent and localization of megacolon and function of nondilated colon. Left colectomy was performed in 12 (33.3 %) cases, subtotal colectomy and ascendorectal anastomosis - in 13 (36.1 %) cases. All patients with idiopathic megarectum were undergone longitudinal proctoplasty combined with left colectomy or subtotal colectomy. Results: After surgery 1 (2.8 %) patient died and 5 (13.9 %) had complications that required reoperation. In follow up 1 patient have got megacolon recurrence. 9 of idiopathic megarectum patients whom stoma was closed were followed up. There were not megacolon or megarectum recurrence. In 8 (88.9 %) patients were detected significant improvement and satisfaction with surgery. There also was found significant reduction of constipation rate and rectal function improvement. No one patient had sexual or urological impairment. Conclusion: In cases of idiopathic megacolon only dilated colon resection may be justified in selected patients with good function of nondilated colon. Longitudinal proctoplasty leads to significant improvement of rectal function and may be used in idiopathic megarectum surgical treatment.%

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    Full text is published :
    Aleshin O.V., Achkasov S.I., Fomenko O.Yu. SURGICAL TREATMENT OF IDIOPATHIC MEGACOLON AND MEGARECTUM. Experimental and Clinical Gastroenterology Journal. 2017;139(03):56-59
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    1. RUDN University (Moscow, Russian Federation)

    Keywords:colorectal cancer,colonic obstruction,stenting

    Abstract:Colorectal cancer is one of the common forms of malignancies in the world. Despite advances in the diagnosis of early stage of the disease in a large enough number of patients develop clinical bowel obstruction. Colorectal stenting is a minimally invasive alternative to emergency surgery, associated with high morbidity and mortality. Since its first application in 1991, has accumulated a lot of experience not only as palliative care for inoperable patients, but also as a «bridge to surgery» for radical treatment. In this review, the literature data relating to various techniques, indications and contraindications, results and complications of stenting in colonic obstruction.

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    Full text is published :
    Vodoleev A.S., Duvanskiy V.A. COLORECTAL STENTING FOR THE TREATMENT OF MALIGNANT COLONIC OBSTRUCTION. Experimental and Clinical Gastroenterology Journal. 2017;139(03):60-66
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