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    Keywords:Inflammatory bowel disease,epidemiology,incidence

    Abstract:Prevalence and incidence of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is significantly inferior to other diseases of the digestive system, but in severity, frequency of complications and mortality in the world they occupy one of the leading positions in the structure of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The results of the large controlled studies show a steady increase in the incidence of this disease in the world. According to recent reports the prevalence of ulcerative colitis (UC) in North America is 249 per 100 thousand population, Crohn’s disease (CD) - 319 to 100 thousand, the prevalence of UC in Europe is 505 per 100 thousand population, CD - 322 to 100 thousand; the incidence of UC in North America is 19.2 per 100 thousand population, CD - 20.2 per 100 thousand, UC incidence in Europe is 24.3 per 100 thousand population, CD - 12.7 per 100 thousand. However, there are no clear data on the prevalence and incidence of this pathology in our country. This circumstance requires the creation of a unified register of patients with UC and CD, which will contribute to the improvement of the measures of care for patients with IBD.

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    Knyazev O.V., Shkurko T.V., Fadeeva N.A., Bakulin I.G. et. al EPIDEMIOLOGY OF CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE. YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW. Experimental and Clinical Gastroenterology Journal. 2017;139(03):04-12
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