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    1. Yaroslavl Regional Oncology Hospital (Yaroslavl, Russian Federation)
    2. Yaroslavl State Medical University (Yaroslavl, Russian Federation)

    Keywords:colonoscopy, preparation, mathematical model

    Abstract:The aim. Assess the possibility of successful colon preparation for colonoscopy on the basis of a multidimensional mathematical model with a predictive effect. Materials and methods: 105 patients who were preparing for colonoscopy with PEG in two versions. An assessment of the quality of colon cleansing according to the Boston scale was carried out. Results: Significant factors distinguishing groups with adequate and inadequate preparation of the colon from each other were identified. Realization of the probability of separation of “adequate” and “inadequate preparation” was found only by 10 factors: gender and patient education, which specialist is he directed to research, time between the end the colon preparation and the beginning of a colonoscopy, compliance with recommendations on diet and receive extra fluid in preparation for colonoscopy, patient’s violation of instructions for the administration of PEG; diabetes, constipation and history of abdominal surgery. The predictive power of the model was 83.8%. Four managed factors were established. The sensitivity of the model was 67.9%, specificity 90.5%, confidence interval from 0.76 to 0.90. The area under the curve was 0.84

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    Full text is published :
    Zavyalov D.V., Kashin S.V., Vidyaeva N.S., Sorogin S.A., Shubin L.B. PREPARING FOR A COLONOSCOPY AND THE SOLUTION OF PROBLEM ITS INADEQUACY. Experimental and Clinical Gastroenterology Journal. 2018;153(05):93-97
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